JKA Auckland Founder

SENSEI ZEL UNKOVICH 5th DAN: Founder of JKA Karate in NZ. 

He has represented New Zealand on a number of occasions in Japan, Australia, Indonesia and Egypt at various regional and world championship events. 

The original JKA NZ Headquarters Dojo was established by him at 208 Karangahape Road, Auckland and from there a number of regional and branch Dojos were established over the subsequent years. He arranged the pioneer of JKA Karate in New Zealand, Sensei Shunsuke Takahashi, to become chief instructor of New Zealand from 1978 until 2008. 

A retired Barrister & Solicitor by profession he was proud to represent New Zealand at the 2010 JKA International Board of Directors Meeting on January 8th 2010 in Tokyo. He is also a member of JKA Asia Oceania representing New Zealand at meetings held in Thailand. 

Over the many years a significant number of Karate-ka have attained their black belt grades under his tuition and guidance. Zel’s organizational and promotional skills attract widespread support from many other Shotokan Karate organizations within New Zealand and elsewhere. With the resignation of Sensei Takahashi from the JKA in 2009 he has been at the forefront of ensuring that the link between the JKA Headquarters in Japan and New Zealand remains in tact and continues to develop further. -